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Saturday, July 20, 2024

Trapollo - Bringing Care Beyond Walls

When it comes to the healthcare industry, it is currently in a transformation accelerated by the acceptance of telehealth. Based on this transformation, telehealth now has been able to truly take its place in the delivery of both physical health as well as behavioral health and also allows for the opportunity to bring in family and caregivers. This is where organizations like Trapollo—one of the leading end-to-end, connected healthcare companies focused on enabling remote patient care—is creating an impact in the healthcare industry. 

“Identifying the potential of our advanced solutions and highly integrated technology, more clinicians, practitioners, and other healthcare-related personals are getting engaged,” begins Mike Braham, CEO, Trapollo.

Trapollo’s goal is to help extend care past the walls of healthcare facilities by meeting people where they are in their day-to-day lives. Their broad range of remote health monitoring applications, products, and services go beyond technology and helps to improve the quality of care at every stage of life. By integrating and enabling more efficient clinician-to-patient communication and information, Trapollo helps healthcare providers and payors focus on delivering care while improving health. “One of the unique opportunities that Trapollo brings is the ability to do everything that people in the clinical environment are trying to solve. We provide a complete life-like turnkey solution forconnected healthcare that differentiates us from others,” adds Braham.

Trapollo Converge is a highly flexible and extensible virtual-care platform purpose-built for delivering care coordination and health monitoring. It provides intuitive and easy-to-use technology and a device-agnostic platform for clinicians, patients, and family caregivers. With its powerful digital engagement tools, telehealth capabilities, and monitoring functions, Trapollo Converge connects its clients across the healthcare spectrum and patient populations to fulfill the true promise of Connected Health delivery. At Trapollo, the company engages all of the processes including the logistics side of how to get a device in someone’s home to work and extract valuable data that can be turned into actionable information. “We’re providing a system that can do essential clinical surveillance of different data elements via a laptop, tablet or even a bringyour own mobile device,” explains Braham.

Over the years, Trapollo has been creating an impact in the industry with its expertise in providing highly personalized, connected health solutions that meet patient populations where they are in their daily lives. An instance that highlights the company’s value proposition is when the team assisted a large provider that looked at how to address health care a little differently. Unlike when someone is normally hospitalized in a non-critical environment, the company’s strategy was to allow them to be served at home. In this particular environment, they were looking at about six chronic illnesses that would typically need some form of therapy and monitoring while in a hospital environment. The company wanted to perform all the hospital-like functions while the patient was at home in their bed, so they could recover at home! What Trapollo uniquely did was to deliver virtual access and all of the clinical solutions to the home. With the Trapollosoftware platform, any healthcare organization can deliver on the promise of the Quadruple aim by moving to the hospital at-home model.

Trapollo started with delivering remote patient monitoring solutions over 11 years ago andthe company has been a critical element in many innovative remote patient monitoring programs across the United States. Today, the company is working on forward-thinking solutions to retain and attract patients, improve ratings, and avoid penalties for readmission while providing a high level of quality care. “The future will be that much of healthcare delivery will be occurring in the home. We will be able to take the best of remote patient monitoring, and connected with the best of telehealth to truly leverage a smart home environment and create the smart, healthy home,” concludes Braham.

“We provide a complete life-like turnkey solution for the connected healthcare that differentiates us more than others”


Mike Braham


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