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Friday, February 23, 2024

SYNEOS HEALTH: Adding Value to Drug Discovery

With the rising number of newly discovered diseases and the need for drugs that could deal with these issues, drug research sector is on a constant growth. However, the drug discovery process is complex and critical while clinical development is more crucial with the requirement of huge resources for the best results. Here is where the contract research organizations such asSyneos Health—the only fully integrated biopharmaceutical solutions organization—form a bridge between the discovery and launch of the drug substance for manufacturers. Data research, tests, project managementand trials that are run post-approval, clinical and pre-clinical are some of the major activities covered by these CROs that add value to the drug research and development.

Created by the merger of two industry leading companies—inVentiv Health and INC Research— Syneos Health is dedicated to bring together about 24,000 clinical and commercial minds with the ability to support customers across more than 110 countries.Under the leadership of Alistair Macdonald, CEO, Syneos Healthis purpose-built to accelerate customer performance to address modern drug discovery market realities.Syneos Health is a blend of Contract Research Organization (CRO) and Contract Commercial Organization (CCO).“Our innovative product development model provides opportunities to drive accelerated growth across a wide range of customers, delivering deeper strategic insights and integrated expertise,” says Macdonald.

The Redefined Business Model

At Syneos Health, commercial and clinicalsolutions live under a single roof and constantly share real world insights and knowledge that leads to getting the job done better, faster and smarterto create greater success for the customers.“We call this new way of collaborative working the Biopharmaceutical Acceleration Model or BAM.” It is an end-to-end game changer solution—a CRO plus CCO solutionthat’s designed to deliver a better way to bring therapies to life.

BAM is an end-to-end concept, working across the clinical and commercial capabilities and driven by each and every one of the company’s 24,000 employees. In addition, the solution incorporates a variety of unique Syneos Health disciplines including the Trusted Process, the Syneos Health Data Lake Ecosystem, ,Syneos One, Real World Evidence and the team’s deep therapeutic expertise—providing a constant stream of insights focused on two critical areasincluding the process acceleration and patient behavior.

The company’s Global reach, Therapeutic expertise in major categories, Adaptability and scalability based on unique customer needs, Ability to advance an asset without dilution or reduced ownership, collaborative approach to development, and Demonstrated results capability makes them stand out in the crowd. Meanwhile Dynamic Assembly— an innovative product suite—allows the team not only to solve problems, but also solve them more quickly, increasing the likelihood of regulatory approval and maximizing commercial success. At Syneos Health, the team believes that BAM is the future of biopharmaceutical development.

With the drug industry evolving faster than ever before, and so is technology. For that reason, at Syneos Health the team believe the right strategy to leverage data and technology for success is via an open, source-agnostic and highly flexible architecture. That’s what they call as Dynamic Assembly. This enables Syneos’ teams to address the nuances of each customer, trial protocolsas well as product launch quickly rather than being forced to bend legacy in-house assets to a task they were not originally designed to deliver.“Accelerating therapies to market requires breaking down traditional silos and creating precise, customized and connected approaches across the product development lifecycle from clinical development through commercialization,” adds Macdonald.

The Data Lake Ecosystem

Every drug discovery, research, and development need a huge data repository. The foundation of Syneos Health’s Dynamic Assembly Strategy is the Syneos Health Data Lake Ecosystem. Designed and Developed without the constraints of legacy architecture or technology, the solution features the company’s proven Syneos Health-designed data ingestion process that clearly focuses on the quality and incorporates decades of Syneos Health learnings, in addition to their best practices.

The Syneos Health Data Lake links vast amounts of data from diverse sources that include clinical and commercial, internal and external, structured and unstructured, with the ability to harmonize data and concepts working through the Hortonworks Data Platform where Hadoop software is also a part of. This ability to synthesize multiple data types and sources, creating new “asset-customized” data propel the company’s BAM model, enabling the team to achieve deeper patient behavioral insights as well as learnings. The company’s unique, sophisticated, and highly nimble model delivers most precisely to the client requirements, where and when they expect it and in ways they can easily understand and act upon. Dynamic Assembly affects all phases of drug development, thus smoothing the process while reducing time to market and helping to improve ROI for our customers.

Integrated Solutions for Easy Access

To address business-critical challenges with greater precision, efficiency and effectiveness, SyneosHealths’ modern customer engagement capability—Kinetic—was built. Powered by a team of data scientists, behavioral experts and channel strategists, Kinetic deploys advanced targeting, analytics and the latest technologies to make fully integrated omnichannel solutions accessible to healthcare organizations. The team’s core focus with this is on Intelligence, experience and performance that acts as the three pillars working in unison to exceed program targets. Within these pillars, Kinetic delivers person-level relevance designed for the future of healthcare engagement via advanced targeting, a unified view of channel behavior, triggered 1:1 automation, matrixed content and performance analytics. “With Kinetic, we seek to efficiently assess the nuances of each trial protocol or product launch and respond with flexible, right-sized tech- and data-enabled solutions to improve performance,” says Mcdonald.

To deepen audience intelligence, Kinetic Delivers superior and advanced targeting capabilities.  The solution also comes with the ability to identify the highest value-driving stakeholders at the individual, influencer and focused cohort levels. Kinetic is designed to identify individual HCPs with the highest potential value based on more than 60 variables, including individual product adoption curves and professional influence networks. Harnessing the potential of RWD to create sophisticated models and tools, enables to truly understand which high-impact HCPs to target; what the optimal frequency of outreach is; and how to measure both, for ROI and continuous improvement.

Mission, Vision and Culture

With over two decades of experience in the biopharmaceutical industry, Macdonald is the man behind Syneos Health’s success. Driven by a highly skilled, experienced and dedicated senior management team with significant knowledge of the biopharmaceutical sector, the team is passionately committed to changing the drug developments industry, and, in turn, they are creating a smarter business model. An innovative model that can constantly accelerate and improve the process of bringing therapies to market and creating success for you and the patients you serve. Syneos Health strives to combine industry focus and depth of functional expertise with strong scientific and market knowledge to tackle highly complex business and market challenges and develop actionable strategies for its clients.

At Syneos Health, the team is fully dedicated to elevating performance by accessing the latest in data science and technology via an open, source-agnostic and highly flexible architecture. The team efficiently assesses the nuances of a customer’s product launch or trial protocol and respond with flexible, right-sized tech- and data-enabled solutions to drastically improve the performance. “Together, we’re accelerating performance to speed therapies to patients and realize our Vision – Shortening the Distance from Lab to Life,” adds Macdonald.

Each day at SyneosHealth the team get to call upon some of the industry’s most dynamic, thought-provoking colleagues. Together, they share a lofty vision – to help change the way biopharma products get to market. “We continue to execute our strategy to further penetrate large pharma, enhance our small- to a mid-sized leadership position, and accelerate full-service Commercial solutions. These strategic business initiatives underpin our Value Creation plan which we believe will generate meaningful shareholder value in the years to come,” concludes Macdonald.

“With Kinetic, we seek to efficiently assess the nuances of each trial protocol or product launch and respond with flexible, right-sized tech- and data-enabled solutions to improve performance”


“We continue to execute our strategy to further penetrate large pharma, enhance our small- to mid-sized leadership position and accelerate full service Commercial solutions.””


Syneos Health

Alistair Macdonald


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