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Sunday, June 23, 2024

Syneos Health - Integrated Biopharmaceutical Solutions

Biopharmaceuticals are among the most sophisticated and elegant achievements of modern science that could become the core of the pharmaceutical industry. Radically new concepts are making it to the market, such as cell therapy and gene therapies which offer amazing promises of regenerative medicine or disease remission. This is where Syneos Health—a fully integrated biopharmaceutical solutions organization—stands out in the industry.

The company including a Contract Research Organization (CRO) and Contract Commercial Organization (CCO) is purpose-built to accelerate customer performance to address modern market realities. “Our innovative product development model provides opportunities to drive accelerated growth across a wide range of customers, delivering deeper strategic insights and integrated expertise,” says Alistair Macdonald, CEO, Syneos Health.

Created through the merger of INC Research and inVentiv Health, Syneos Health is based in the US and provides biopharmaceutical services in three areas: clinical development, commercialization, and consulting. Within its clinical development segment, in addition to providing support to companies throughout each phase of the clinical research process, Syneos is also a functional service provider covering areas, including biostatistics, pharmacovigilance, and patient recruitment.

The company’s Syneos One is the most powerful expression of their Biopharmaceutical Acceleration Model (BAM)—a fully integrated, insights-driven product development methodology. This proprietary methodology provides a unique combination of asset strategy and execution to maximize value from early concept through to commercialization. Highly adept at closing gaps and creating time-saving efficiencies, Syneos One Asset Strategists ensure that data, knowledge, and insights move seamlessly back and forth along the continuum informing and improving each step along the way.

The company’s BAM is an end-to-end concept, working across our clinical and commercial capabilities and driven by every one of their approximately 25,000 employees. Importantly, it also incorporates many unique Syneos Health disciplines including the Trusted Process, Syneos One, the Syneos Health Data Lake Ecosystem, Real World Evidence, and their team’s deep therapeutic expertise—each providing a constant stream of insights focused on two critical areas: patient behavior and process acceleration.

Whereas, the company’s dynamic assembly allows its teams not only to solve problems but also at the fastest pace, increasing the likelihood of regulatory approval and maximizing commercial success. At Syneos Health, the team believes that BAM is the future of biopharmaceutical development. “Together, we’re accelerating performance to speed therapies to patients and realize our Vision – Shortening the Distance from Lab to Life,” adds Macdonald.

With deep expertise across the entire spectrum of clinical development to full commercialization, Syneos Health’s asset strategists can coordinate the right teams at the right time to develop fully integrated, customized solutions that help to maximize an asset’s net present value. Syneos Health is built on their team’s firm belief in therapeutic depth. The company assembles teams in which members, from CRAs to senior management, are experts in the same therapeutic area. This kind of team approach delivers much stronger insights into the therapeutic environment, the competitive landscape, and the patient population. In other words, better answers, faster.

Syneos Health is the only company in the biopharmaceutical services industry purpose-built to create greater success for their customers. At Syneos Health, clinical and commercial live under the same roof and constantly share real-world knowledge and insights that lead to getting the job done better, smarter, and faster. They call this new way of collaborative working the BAM.

“We have a proven pedigree in health, with industry titans in every facet of healthcare. This eliminates guesswork and fuels our passion for total, life-changing solutions. At the heart of health, we’re uniquely poised to predict what’s next and respond to the market’s demand for smarter and faster answers,” concludes Macdonald.

“Together, we’re accelerating performance to speed therapies to patients and realize our Vision – Shortening the Distance from Lab to Life”

Syneos Health

Alistair Macdonald


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