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Saturday, July 20, 2024

RealTime - Streamlining Research Operations

Is there a mobile app for the CTMS system? Why would one even need a CTMS mobile app? “One might think they don’t have one.” It is not essential, according to the current CTMS provider, because the CTMS scales to mobile devices. ” Here’s how RealTime, the only CTMS firm with a dedicated mobile app, is helping clinical research coordinators, investigators, and other front-line researchers complete their daily activities more efficiently and effectively, utilizing resources available only through a mobile app. RealTime Software Solutions, LLC is a pioneer in clinical research cloud-based software solutions, devoted to addressing challenges and offering technologies that make the research process more effective and lucrative. They’re always listening to our clients and the demands of the industry in order to develop new ideas that streamline operations and help us all meet our operational objectives. RealTime’s commitment to providing outstanding customer support guarantees that all customers get the most out of their RealTime products!

RealTime Software Solutions is a leader in cloud-based software solutions for the clinical research industry. The company’s vision is to reshape the global clinical research industry with innovative solutions, that help advance medicine and save lives. RealTime’s complete Site Operations Management System (SOMS) allows research sites to bundle together every solution needed to run at peak performance while managing all aspects of site operations. In fact, RealTime strives every day for customers’ complete success, which is accomplished through listening, learning, innovating, and with an inspired passion for more efficient clinical trial research processes.

RealTime’s leadership team is made up of seasoned industry veterans that understand the challenges and pain points that come with clinical trial administration firsthand. RealTime also boasts a staff of world-class software engineers that know how to construct enterprise software solutions that are both powerful and user-friendly. The appropriate software and mobile applications make everyone’s job easier and help to achieve operational excellence by driving quality procedures. RealTime systems offer additional functionality and may be packaged separately or in a seamless manner depending on the demands of each customer. RealTime has established itself as a market leader, and it will continue to provide new innovations that will transform the way research is conducted. RealTime’s comprehensive Site Operations Management System (SOMS) enables research sites to bundle together all of the solutions they need to function at optimal efficiency while controlling all areas of their operations. Discover the RealTime difference with CTMS, eDOCS, eSOURCE, GlobalPAY, SitePAY, and TEXT. RealTime offers a comprehensive clinical trials management system (CTMS) that runs at top performance and provides comprehensive solutions for all of the organization’s needs, including recruiting, CRC activities, financing, site administration, and more.

RealTime Software Solutions has recently launched the inSITES Report Builder, a potent custom tracking tool built into RealTime’s leading Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS) that now enables all customers to build and save their own customized reports for monitoring site-wide efficiency and maximizing efficiencies and outcomes at no additional charge. “We are excited to release this new feature at no charge to our customers,” says Rick Greenfield, CEO of RealTime. RealTime’s focus is to provide our customers with tools that allow them to run trials more effectively, more efficiently, and at an excellent value for the benefits that they offer. “This new inSITES tool will make it easier for RealTime customers to create powerful custom reports that give them unprecedented visibility into their sites’ performance and allow them to quickly adapt to industry forces that are ever changing and constantly presenting new challenges,” Greenfield adds. IGNITE FOR SITES from Devana Solutions was recently integrated with RealTime-CTMS to manage processes and collect analytics. IGNITE FOR SITES by Devana Solutions is a centralized operations and analytics platform that tracks all study start-up activities and captures information, allowing an organization to discover the strongest signals, analyze the sites’ efficiency and timeliness, and more accurately anticipate the income.

RealTime’s executives are dedicated to offering the greatest customer service in the business while also always innovating to change the research process and provide medical solutions to the globe faster. Every day, the RealTime team works to ensure our clients’ total satisfaction by listening, learning, developing, and pursuing a burning desire for more efficient clinical research operations.


Rick Greenfield




"RealTime's focus is to provide our customers with tools that allow them to run trials more effectively, more efficiently, and at an excellent value for the benefits that they offer."


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