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Saturday, July 20, 2024

PathologyWatch - The Leader in Digital DermPath

The necessity of the hour is for quality healthcare! PathologyWatch manages a pathology process using a digital paradigm. This enhances patient care quality while lowering costs and creating new income opportunities for clinics and hospitals. By directly interacting with the preferred EMR, it has been demonstrated to simplify clinical workflow, resulting in a stunningly optimal joining of clinical decision-making and patient care. A computerized pathology platform created by PathologyWatch is intended to identify and classify tumors from biopsy samples. The company’s platform allows hospitals to significantly increase their efficiency in the diagnosis of skin cancer by taking histologic slides from any location and digitally distributing the work across a network of skilled experts. These experts offer instant remote access to a workforce of academic-level dermatopathologists, digital tools, and expert consultation.

Hospitals and busy clinics may now rely on a knowledgeable network of telepathologists in place of pricey locum tenens. This not only substantially lowers expenses but also vastly raises the quality of medical treatment given to patients. Access to fellowship-trained pathology subspecialists is sometimes restricted by the uniformity of locum tenens talent pools. Providers turn to PathologyWatch for help with issues including understaffing, overflow volume, or just the difficulties of managing rural operations. Typically, digital transformation takes three to six months to complete. Almost invariably, in PathologyWatch’s experience, partners who digitize have a net positive return on investment.

PathologyWatch is a digital pathology services solution that brings together the knowledge and cutting-edge technology of an academic center with the efficiency and customer service of a private lab. Whether the requirements are short-term or long-term, one can rely on the professionals at PathologyWatch to get things going quickly and keep a lab functioning efficiently. With easy access to thorough gastrointestinal pathology services from pathologists with GI fellowship training, PathologyWatch offers accurate diagnostics. GI pathology focuses on inflammatory, benign, and malignant conditions of the digestive system. Their GI and liver experts are accessible for consultations and initial diagnostics and combine academic-level knowledge with cutting-edge lab technologies to guarantee the patients receive the highest levels of treatment. With more than 20 elite doctors enrolled, PathologyWatch offers access to the best network of pathologists in the US and Europe. Dermatopathology, surgical pathology, and other subspecialties are all covered by their network. For coverage of the operation room and freezing areas, the staff is ready around the clock.

To give patients faster diagnoses and equal access to dermatopathology services while enabling laboratories to operate more successfully and economically, PathologyWatch is expanding its reach to dermatologists and conducting more research into skincare diagnostics and AI. “We are honored that of all the digital derm path labs available, dermatologists are increasingly choosing to partner with us,” says Dan Lambert, PathologyWatch CEO and cofounder. “As digital dermatopathology continues to grow, it has the potential to reduce the costs of pathology by billions while creating better patient care for everyone across the country. We’re thrilled to be winning so much volume so quickly.” For dermatological clinics, PathologyWatch offers completely integrated EMR reporting and round-the-clock access to digital slides. For their clients, this translates into more effective workflows and easy access to renowned dermatopathologists across the country who accept various insurance plans. Dermatologists now have access to a complete end-to-end solution thanks to PathologyWatch’s effective integration of laboratory information systems, scanners, digital viewer technologies, and EMRs.

An instance that highlights the company’s value proposition is when they assisted Cidars-Sinai Medical Center. The academic pathology department at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center was interested in outreach growth but faced barriers common to traditional hospital systems. Partnering with PathologyWatch (1) provides novel solutions to grow and manage a business in a new demographic and (2) avoids the pain points of a large institution while adding expert reads and broad insurance coverage to smaller clients.

The ground-breaking pioneer in digital dermatopathology services is PathologyWatch. By employing the PathologyWatch professional team and in-house lab services, dermatological clinics, hospitals, and laboratories may increase operational efficiency by accelerating workflow and improving patient results. PathologyWatch brilliantly combines cutting-edge technology and clinical decision-making to deliver unmatched patient care. It has an intuitive and simple-to-implement digital pathology solution, access to top dermatopathologists, and a streamlined clinical workflow that interfaces directly with the EMR.


Dan Lambert, Co-Founder & CEO


"As digital dermatopathology continues to grow, it has the potential to reduce the costs of pathology by billions while creating better patient care for everyone across the country. We're thrilled to be winning so much volume so quickly."


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