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Saturday, July 20, 2024

Navitas Life Sciences - Building Innovative Solutions for the Future

Clinical operations have never faced a more challenging environment than the one they are currently facing, with the projected cost of bringing a medication to market at $2.5 billion and the likelihood of success of getting to the market from phase 1 at less than 10%. Companies struggle to make sense of the 900,000 data points that a typical phase III study generates. Routine visits to monitor a study are expensive, and even if they can make up to 25% of the trial cost, 100% source data verification does not improve the value of the data. Navitas Life Sciences combines subject-matter expertise with technological know-how to provide enormous value for a company. Navitas’ international clinical consultants use their in-depth experience and knowledge to help sponsors implement best practices to meet their strategic goals. Navitas Life Sciences acts as a trusted strategic adviser thanks to its over 30 years of expertise helping life sciences firms, ground-breaking insights gathered through their industry network forums, models for success, and tried-and-true structured methodologies.

A multinational clinical research company with approximately 1500 workers dispersed across 6 countries, Navitas Life Sciences is supported by technology. For the life sciences, Navitas offers end-to-end services and solutions. By combining the talents of a full-service CRO, a technology-led life sciences services provider, Navitas assists its clients to solve their drug development needs. With end-to-end clinical trial solutions for drug development requirements and more, they are accelerating access to improved healthcare for people across the world. constructing future-focused creative solutions. Navitas Life Sciences has a track record of successfully launching biologics and biosimilar medications. Drugs produced utilizing sophisticated procedures from live creatures are known as biologics or biological products. Care must be used when handling and producing these medications. Therapeutic proteins, cell treatments, monoclonal antibodies, and vaccinations are examples of biologics.

Navitas Data Sciences builds bespoke teams of highly skilled Statistical Programmers (both US-based and Global Programmers), Biostatisticians, and Data Managers. “We have always provided skilled employees to meet our sponsor’s needs. No matter the size and phase of your study, our work is completed with the utmost precision and accuracy. The experience level of our professional resources, coupled with a remote worker status, provides for an advanced, efficient, and smart work model for our sponsors.”

The effective commercialization of big-molecule biologics is a specialty of Navitas Life Sciences. Site selection and patient recruitment might be difficult during a biologic or biosimilar trial because of the particular needs of these studies, which may limit the patient pool. A lack of cutting-edge infrastructure, a lack of clinical knowledge, and a lack of effective collaboration with international regulatory bodies are further impediments. Effective techniques have been created by Navitas Life Sciences to address these issues. Srinivasan HR, CEO of Navitas Life Sciences, says that “Together, we intend to create a world-class enterprise making meaningful strides in our ability to deliver improved trial outcomes to the biopharma landscape.”

Bringing a medicine to market typically takes 10 to 15 years and 1.5 to 2 billion dollars; this enormous sum necessitates effective monitoring to ensure maximum effectiveness. Some of the obstacles to a successful study include good clinical endpoint detection and productive patient monitoring. Near real-time trial data is provided by One Clinical by Navitas, which may be utilized to better manage these difficulties. Utilizing such sophisticated analytics ensures prompt remedial action and addresses pressing problems as they arise. This can aid in the efficient use of resources, which may save both time and money. To help government and commercial sponsors address the safety and efficacy of novel COVID-19 medicines, Navitas Life Sciences has promptly mobilized its clinical trial services. This has been done by drawing on its extensive knowledge and experience.

Navitas’ knowledge of vaccines and infectious diseases, together with the flexible, scalable, and personalized engagement approaches, enables Navitas Life Sciences to provide integrated services and results for the COVID-19 products. Navitas manages inhalation research that entails dealing with certain difficulties and complications. Their studies can be customized using the knowledge and skills to meet both the criteria of regulatory agencies and the unique requirements of medicine. Navitas Life Sciences has the potential to be the go-to partner as a global life sciences organization with more than 30 years of expertise in running full-service clinical studies.

Navitas Life Sciences

Srinivasan HR, CEO


"Together, we intend to create a world-class enterprise making meaningful strides in our ability to deliver improved trial outcomes to the biopharma landscape.”


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