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Saturday, July 20, 2024

Datavant - Healthcare taking the AI leap

Healthcare analytics holds the potential to improve patient outcomes, advance and personalize care, improve provider relationships with patients, and reduce medical spending in the evolving healthcare space. Artificial Intelligence has given a new perspective to every available industry in the world and healthcare too is adapting to the changes at a breakneck pace. Datavant is an organization that offers solutions to connect health data to improve patient outcomes. The team works to reduce the friction of data sharing across the healthcare industry by building solutions that protect patients’ privacy while supporting the linkage of patient health records across databases. “With Datavant you can connect to the nation’s largest ecosystem of health data. Our ecosystem includes more than 500 real-world data partners, 2,000 hospitals, 15,000 clinics and 120 health plans”

Datavant Switchboard is an end-to-end health data connectivity solution that allows its users to connect data and control access to it while complying with privacy regulations. With this solution, users can connect to third-party sources to enrich the data, or easily connect to a client’s existing data. Earlier, pharma and medical device companies have been limited by siloes of patient-level data to answer questions across the product lifecycle. Datavant found this gap in the healthcare market and decided to connect the dots. It links data across your entire organization and third-party data providers to see a fully longitudinal view of the patients. Security is given utmost importance, so access to and sharing of data within your organization will be strictly monitored. It also ensures compliance with the industry’s most trusted privacy-preserving technology. Datavant is focused on value-based care analytics to offer advanced diagnostic data to healthcare organizations which will in turn help the patients in need. “We’re committed to protecting patient privacy. From our HIPAA-compliant, irreversibly encrypted tokens, SOC2 security certification and solutions for supporting HIPAA Expert Determination certification of your data, Datavant enforces privacy and security at every step.”

The solution enables seamless access to independent privacy experts help ensure linked datasets remain properly de-identified, dramatically reducing the time to insights otherwise lost to obtaining HIPAA compliance. Datavant’s machine learning matching models bring research-grade accuracy to patient matching for real-world evidence studies and regulatory submission. Trial-specific encryption provides complete control of trial data by sponsors and is compliant with HIPAA, GCP, 21 CFR Part 11 plus SOC 2 certification

Datavant is user-friendly and helps in connecting patient-level data internally or with external partners. The company has made the entire process extremely hassle-free without compromising safety as well as privacy. Be it a health system, life sciences company, payer or analytics platform, Datavant’s technology will assist in building the data strategy from the scratch efficiently. Switchboard is an ultimate tool to enable data to flow the way it should for each user. It will assess the overlap between two datasets, match records at the patient level, tokenize data to protect patient privacy, and deliver data to end recipients constructively. As the most trusted and widely used solution in connecting health data, protecting patient privacy is the prime directive. The switchboard is HIPAA-compliant and SOC2 certified.

Recently Datavant and PINC AI Applied Sciences(PAS) announced a collaboration to compliantly link real-world data. These datasets include detail on procedures, treatments, and devices used during inpatient or outpatient visits, to generate meaningful insights into patient care and cost variability. PAS will make use of Datavant Switchboard and Privacy Hub to connect, certify and license or provide research services on linked tokenized datasets for their partners. “We are thrilled to support Premier as they expand their data linkage and analytics capabilities through PINC AI,” says Travis May, Founder of Datavant. “There is a deep need across healthcare for a more complete view of the patient journey, which is critical for novel insights and for improved patient outcomes. By connecting disparate datasets while preserving patient privacy, our partnership will help improve quality and reduce the cost of care,” he added.

Datavant enables access to more than 500 data sources. These partners offer real-world data from across the health data spectrum. It also allows its users to overlap multiple data sets (including one’s own) to quickly find the right data partners to achieve their goals. At present Datavant serves 2000 hospitals and more than 15000 clinics and has 120 health plans to offer to its customers. Its mission is to connect the world’s health data to improve patient outcomes.


Travis May, Founder of Datavant


“There is a deep need across healthcare for a more complete view of the patient journey, which is critical for novel insights and for improved patient outcomes.”


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