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Thursday, February 29, 2024

D2 Solutions - The Point of Progress

One of the primary challenges in the healthcare industry is that most organizations are encumbered with old technologies with limited flexibility. However, this does not require such organizations to revamp their internal technology structure. Instead, a simple overlay from an interoperability perspective can assist in making these organizations much more efficient. As an example, in today’s environment, when a patient visits a physician and gets diagnosed with a significant disease, such as cancer or multiple sclerosis, the physician may determine that the patient should get prescribed a specialty medication.  The challenge however is that the time between diagnosis and medication initiation can range from between one and often three weeks or more.  This could have material impact on the disease resulting in the patient getting worse due to the delay in starting the medication. This is where D2 Solution comes into the picture. D2 Solutions is a world-class strategic healthcare consulting organization that has combined consulting with technology-enabled solutions. D2 Solutions empowers healthcare leaders with a unique combination of SaaS solutions and deep consulting expertise. We are developing and working with partners to use technology to lower that timeline it takes from patient diagnosis to treatment.

D2 Solutions provides strategic and tactical solutions from pre-launch through full commercialization to patient engagement and medication compliance within the pharmaceutical, specialty pharmacy, and related healthcare delivery markets. D2 is leveraging technology to streamline the process of onboarding patients using a digital tool that can be customized to the disease state and then automates the submission of paperwork required by patients’ insurance plans to allow the patient to begin medication therapy. The company’s fully flexible patient engagement solution has proven to capture more than an 80% response rate across multiple therapeutic areas. This digital-to-web solution is reaching new heights in patient engagement while enabling escalation to clinical specialists and system reporting in near real-time. D2 has leveraged technology to provide more efficient touchpoints between patients and those entities with which they need to interact, including Pharmacies, PBMs, Clinics, Hospital systems, or Physicians. Campaign-specific, automated outreach technology collects important data points, such as monthly refills, medication start dates, and adherence. In addition, Patients can send secure messages to staff to report critical issues, schedule refills, or request additional assistance. Moreover, messages are automatically triaged to appropriate staff to respond promptly via technology or, if appropriate, via a phone call which can be auto-scheduled into the staff’s existing calendar system.

D2 offers a modularized platform that enables stakeholders, including customers, physician offices, and hospital clinics to utilize those components of the services their specific needs. On a therapy-specific basis, the company’s technology enables defined business rules for patient management. The cadence of reach-outs and the responsive content relevant to patients’ issues are defined, developed, and executed to meet the “Campaign” requirements. “We’re enabling those entities to be able to use our solution and then have the data that’s collected to be pushed through their organization and collected across one platform that they can be reported on, versus collecting data from multiple different point solutions.  Effectively this can help us better understand the patient trends and potential cost drivers in addition to helping recognize when there’s a risk for patients falling off therapy, along with a host of other benefits,” explains Dean Erhardt, President and CEO, D2.

Today, D2 is focused on bringing pharmaceutical manufacturers, payers, pharmacies, support providers, and patients together. D2’s promise and a call to action is to empower manufacturers to bring therapies to market faster and enable pharmacies to accelerate patient access to those therapies.  Powered with that vision, D2 works collaboratively with manufacturers’ teams to properly position a product into the desired sales channels while simultaneously working to ensure reimbursement success at the commercial and government payer levels. D2 leverages its experience of launching over 350 pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device products while working collaboratively with hundreds of manufacturers, distributors, and other industry stakeholders. This expertise provides the insights needed to see the opportunities, challenges, and solutions that can be driven to ensure a successful commercial effort. “We are working to address some of the friction points in the marketplace. Our focus is to be an innovative solution provider and help our various stakeholders achieve better workflow and results in the healthcare space,” concludes Erhardt.

D2 Solutions

Dean Erhardt


President and CEO


“Our focus is to be an innovative solution provider and help our customers to eliminate friction points, thereby enabling better workflow and results in the healthcare space”


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