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Thursday, February 29, 2024

Accolade - Reinventing the Healthcare Experience

Especially now, as the pandemic is still in picture, every person in the population needs support. Even at organizations, it is critical to improve the employees’ health outcomes. Most organizationstry to lower their healthcare costs while aligning with the right healthcare requirements. Though this is a challenge to most organization, Accolade helps to do both—provide the best health management while lowering the overall expenses. With compassion, intelligent technology and clinical expertise, Accolade personalize healthcare support to each person’s unique needs.

“What Accolade has already done, actually changing people’s lives in a way that’s so real and so human, is absolutely inspiring,” explains Rajeev singh, CEO.

Accolade has developed the most comprehensive engagement model in the advocacy industry. Accolade offers a range of solutions to suit every member’s healthcare journey. Accolade’s frontline care team and smart technology help members get the right care at the right time by giving them personalized support — so they can make better healthcare decisions, achieve improved health outcomes and benefit from sustainable cost savings. Accolade Total Benefits gives people just one place to go for all of their benefits plus personalized help from benefits experts and nurses. A simple, compelling and trusted experience motivates employees and their families to engage in their health and benefits. Whereas, Accolade Total Care guides employees to the best resources for their individual needs. It will match them with high-quality providers and offer support at every stage of care, coordinating with providers along the way. In addition, the Accolade Mobile supports people wherever they are when health issues or questions arise.

Another offering, the Accolade Total Health and Benefits delivers full concierge and population health management through an entire set of personalized advocacy capabilities, including care management, member services, and provider services.Through data and insight, Accolade guides individuals to the right programs at the right time, driving engagement and satisfaction. The team also ensureto make it easy for an organization to adopt and manage leading solutions in musculoskeletal issues, diabetes, virtual care, behavioral health, women’s health, healthcare finance, and many other categories.“With a 360-degree view of each member, our intelligence engine delivers personalized healthcare recommendations to our Health Assistants as they support members, and to members directly as they interact with Accolade online or through the mobile app.”

Accolade team proactively identify and engage people before healthcare decisions are made. The company’s technology is smart enough to identify a person’s needs, anticipate their behavior, and deliver personalized recommendations. As a result,health assistants and nurses can take action to help people get to the right program, the right care, and the best doctor at the right time.

At Accolade, they always ensure to get to know the people they support, earning their trust. Just like the old-time family doctor sought to understand a patient’s full life by making house calls and forming long-term relationships with the whole family, Accolade team works to gain that same level of insight about every person they support.

Today, Accolade helps millions of people and their employers navigate the complexities of the healthcare system with empathy, expertise and through exceptional service while supporting them in lowering the cost of care and improving health outcomes. As part of its growth plan, Accolade completed the acquisition of PlushCare, a leading provider of virtual primary care and mental health treatment. Together with its expert medical opinion capability, Accolade’s personalized service will deliver collaborative, comprehensive and holistic care options for the workforces of corporate payers. “We’re building a business we truly believe will reinvent the healthcare experience and set a course for the industry,” concludes Singh.

“We’re building a business we truly believe will reinvent the healthcare experience and set a course for the industry”


Rajeev singh


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